Controlled Environment Agriculture

Other Resources


R. Aldrich, J. Bartok. 1994. Greenhouse Engineering. NRAES 33/PALS Cornell, Ithaca NY.212 pgs. Available in PDF on web for free or a print version ($33) from Plant and Life Sciences Publishing at Cornell

J. Bartok. 2001. Energy Conservation for Commercial Greenhouses. NRAES 3/PALS Cornell, Ithaca NY.84 pgs.

National Greenhouse Manufacturers Website. This site has greenhouse manufacturers as well as guidelines and fact sheets for greenhouse related topics such as heating, cooling, insect screening, carbon dioxide enrichment, purchasing a greenhouse, and more.

H. Resh. 2011. Hydroponic Food Production; A Definitive Guidebook for the Advanced Home Gardener and the Commercial Hydroponic Grower, 7th edition. CRC Press. 560 pgs.

Rutgers’ Center for Controlled Environment Agriculture - This website by Rutgers professor Dr. A.J. Both has many resources on greatly varying aspects of greenhouse engineering such as ventilation and cooling, using waste heat, building an open roof greenhouse, building the Cornell lettuce facility, and useful links to many other references.

Water/Media Testing

Cornell Nutrient Analysis Labroatories - Water source, nutrient solution, and soil testing labratory

Substrate pH: Getting it right for your greenhouse crops - by Cornell Cooperative Extension Agent Neil Matson

Starting a Greenhouse Business

University of Arkansas:

Avent, T. 2003. So You Want to Start a Nursery.Workman publishing Co.340 pgs.

Supplemental Lighting

Some Thoughts on Supplemental Lighting for Greenhouse Crop Production – A.J. Both

Leaf temperature response to sunlight, high pressure sodium and light emitting diodes – Bruce Bugbee

Modified Environment Agriculture aka High Tunnels

Cornell University High Tunnel Homepage

Penn State Center for Plasticulture