Controlled Environment Agriculture

Cornell Publications

The reports in pdf format listed below are summaries of the projects we have worked on at Cornell. The pages in the side navigation contain lists of papers that have been puslished in each subject.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture Scoping Study, 1996 (pdf)


A recipe for hydroponic success


Commercial Demonstration of Hydroponic Lettuce Production (pdf)

Modeling of Evapotranspiration in Lettuce

Modeling of Nitrate and Root/Shoot Partitioning in Lettuce (NICOLET)


Influence of Supplemental Lighting on Greenhouse Tomato Production


Greenhouse Lighting

High Pressure Sodium Lamp Lighting Analysis and Design for the BIO-Plex Plant Growth Chambers

Baseline Data Collection on Dry Bean Growth for NASA Mission to Mars


Horticulture Methods of CEA Spinach Production on a Commercial Scale

Characterization of the Effects of Innoculation Time and Nutrient Solution Temperature on the Development of Pythium aphanidermatum Infection of Full-Size Spinach

Root Disease Treatment Methods For Commercial Production of Hydroponic Baby Spinach

Improvement of Crop Nutritional Value for Humans


Marketing Research and Development - Value Added Products

Marketing Research - Cost Effectiveness of Doing CEA

Temperature Control

Application of Pseudo-Derivative-Feedback Algorithm in Greenhouse Air Temperature Control


Energy Audit for the CEA Hydroponic Lettuce Greenhouse from 1999-2002

Energy Investments And CO2 Emissions For Fresh Produce Imported Into New York State Compared To The Same Crops Grown Locally