Controlled Environment Agriculture

Commercial Production Feasability Study

In 1996 a Controlled Environment Agriculture Scoping Study was prepared for: Electric Power Research Institute. It detailed:

  • Hydroponic systems suitable for intensive CEA production. There are extensive descriptions of common hydroponic systems including Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), deep trough also known as pond or raft culture, and drip culture.
  • Crops known to be grown hydroponically were evaluated for CEA produciton. These crops included: arugula, basil, cilantro, corn salad, cucumber, endive/escarole, lettuce, melon, pak-choi, pepper, raspberry, and spinach. Environmental requirements, hydroponic production methods, market potential, pathogens, and post-harvest considerations for each crop are included.
  • Ideal components of a 'CEA System' are detailed. This is contrasted with less technologically advanced greenhouses including unheated high tunnels.

View the final report for this project, Controlled Environment Agriculture Scoping Study(pdf)