Controlled Environment Agriculture

Energy for Locally Produced vs. Imported

Energy Investments And CO2 Emissions For Fresh Produce Imported Into New York State Compared To The Same Crops Grown Locally

Louis Albright and David de Villiers

The CEA group produced a 221 page paper study** in 2008 of energy types and quantities required to grow and ship selected types of fresh produce into New York State from open-field production outside the state.

Crops analyzed included: Iceberg Lettuce, Spinach, Strawberry, Tomato and Apple.

For each crop the following were reported: Production data by location (state), Energy used to produce crop (field vs. CEA), Energy used to ship crop.

The following forms of transportation were analyzed: Truck, Train, Boat and Air.

This report contains information that is very difficult to find in one place including real and estimated US per capita consumption of the above mentioned crops and the energy it takes to produce the crops(broken down by crop task or greenhouse environmental control) converted to kilograms of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere per hectare.

**No crops were produced by the researchers - only data taken by others was used.

View the final report for this project, Energy Scoping Study.